Allison Transmissions

Item #
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T1015 Allison MT653 core with broken housing $250
T1014 Allison MT653 core $500
T1020 Allison HT754 CR RS PN29508705 Good Used Runner $7,500
T1030 Allison HT750 wet rebuilt $19,500
T1004 Allison HT750DRD Wet 2510234560 Used Take Out $10,500
T1042 In Stock Allison HT750DRD, 2510238435, Used Take Out $7,500
T1043 Allison HT750DRD, 2510061554, Used Take Out $7,500
T1040 Allison CLT6061-4 3110076879 6839121 Used Take Out $13,000
T1002 Allison CLT6061-4 SN 5961213 PN 6833064 Rebuilt $28,600
T1041 In Stock CLT6061-4 Used Take Out $13,000
T1028 Allison DP8962 SN 4310003079 Good Uses Runner $35,000
TR1010 Allison DP8961, Rebuilt 0 Hours, 4310004234, 230123778 $51,500
T1027 Allison CLBT9681 pn 29511811Used Running Take Out $47,000
T1025 Allison CLBT9680 PN 23012579 Call
TR1011 Allison 9884, Rebuilt 0 Hours, 4320000922, 23042465 Call
T1032 Allison S9800M 4320001810 Call
T1031 Allison 9800 4320001192 PN 29541193 Call


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