Pressure Pumps

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P1014 Rebuilt Serva TPD600 Triplex Pump with 3" Fluid End Call
P1015 Rebuilt SPM TWS600S Triplex Power End Call
P1012 Omega W500 Triplex Call
P1011 MSI TI600 Triplex Call
P6251 OPI 600 SN WBP6251X W/2 3/4 fluid end Call
P41516X OPI 600 SN WBP41516X W/2 3/4 fluid end Call
P1013 Gardner Denver HD-2250 Triplex Call
P0752 SPM TWS2250 MFG 2/12 SN0101-0752 Call
P1009 SPM QWS2500 Quintuplex power end MFG date 12-2010, 2500bhp 8" stoke Call
P1010 FMC WQ2700 Quintuplex 2700bhp MFG date 7/11 Call
1214 FMC Bean M1214 DI 1.75” Horizontal Triplex Plunger Pump 2,500 PSI, 37.5 GPM@400 RPM, 46.9 GPM@500 RPM, 3.00” Stroke. Used takeout with 2,074 hours recorded on Cummins 3.9L drive engine. $3000
2300 Bowie 2300 2" Rotary Gear Pump. Call
F1003 Pinion FLuid End D-307-T 07257 Call
F1001 2000HP Triplex Fluid End Serva model PSFT940 4" plunger max psi 18985 pn P06-99-520 Used Non Failed Call
F1002 2000HP Triplex Fluid End 4 1/2" Used Non Failed Call
F1004 OFM 5" PN 12PN10 Used Non Failed Call
F1008 Triplex 5" Fluid End Used Non Failed Call
F1005 Triplex Fluid End 5" Used Non Failed Call


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